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The 2017 Championship Meet was held on Saturday and Sunday, August 5 and 6, at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in White River Junction, Vermont.

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Inclement weather information: Saturday's weather forecast is not ideal, with thunderstorms predicted.

Meet Operations

UVAC does not normally close the pools due to thunder and lightning. They have a grounded system. That being said, if the facility says we need to clear the pool, we clear the pool and wait until the facility says we can resume the meet. Meet Management (Meet Referee and Meet Director) could choose to impose a delay for the safety and fairness of swimmers even if the lifeguards say it's safe to swim.

Where to Hang Out

Obviously a grounded building does not mean grounded tents outside. If the weather is poor, please come inside.

All swimmers should hang out on the pool deck and not sit with parents in the stands.

Parents can be in the stands, lobby, and whatever other spaces the facility staff allow you to go. If you are in the stands, please get cozy with the person sitting next to you. There will be more parents at each session than can fit in the stands. So please store any of your belongs under you seat and don't spread out saving seats for others. We're all in this together and we want to give as many parents as possible the opportunity to see their child swim.

Potential Changes in Schedule

Should something require a long delay in the meet, a coaches meeting will be called to discuss options. A decision could be made to wait out the delay and resume, they could decide to postpone the remaining events that day/session to Sunday, they could decide to cancel the rest of the events that day or session.

We ask for everyone's cooperation as we work through schedule and challenges as presented.

Mary Gentry, Meet Director
Vermont Swim Association State Championships

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